Yes, Virginia, there is a Canyon

posted Aug 14, 2013, 3:30 PM by Paul Wagner
We're just back from five days in the northern reaches of Yosemite National Park, via the Virginia Lakes Trail.  A stunning bit of the Sierra, with enough scenery and wildlife to keep us entertained for well more than five days.  We'll have a full trip report up in a day or so, but we thought we'd include a few photos here, just to show you some of the joys of it all.
The trail was pretty steep at this point, so we had plenty of reasons to stop and take photos. ©
This is a shot of the lakes above the Virginia Lakes trailhead.  The first one has no name on the map, the others are part of the Frog Lakes.  And in the distance, the State of Nevada.
Which changed from minute to minute. These two shots are looking up canyon. ©
Upper Virginia Canyon, with the granite in the foreground giving way to the volcanic peaks in the background,  Lovey stuff.
With Return Lake in the foreground. ©
The sunset on Gabbro Peak from the shores of Return Lake, in the far upper end of Virginia Canyon. 
A great trip all the way around!
Here's a link to the whole photo album: