Why do We Hike?

posted Jul 14, 2013, 5:38 PM by Paul Wagner
There's a nice discussion of this topic over on the ultra-light backpacking message boards.  And while we are not truly ultra-light (we're a few pounds over the suggested limit for our trips, mainly because we choose a few comfort items to take along) we do like some of their discussions. 
David Thomas, one of the really wonderful people on that board, offers this list:
10) I'm a better tour guide for friends, the more I get out.
9) It justifies all the cool gear I have.
8) I often harvest berries as I hike.
7) Sometimes I meet interesting people.
6) It makes my dog happy.
5) I come up with better technical solutions in my professional work while hiking than while sitting at a desk.
4) The exercise is good for me.
3) It is a meaningfully, bonding experience as a couple and as a family.
2) I appreciate the scenic beauty of the outdoors.
1) It clears my head.

And we added the wonderful quality time it gives us together, plus the exercise and the stunning scenery in the High Sierra...but many others also had good ideas.

Here's a link to the whole thread:
And once you get there, make sure to explore some of the other topics they have on the boards.  Good stuff.