What will kill you...

posted Dec 1, 2016, 2:56 PM by Paul Wagner
Recent figures from the National Park Service.  We've written about this before, both in our blog and in the section called Dangers on the Trail.

But here's the chart that shows what kills visitors not just in the Sierra Nevada, but all National Parks:

NPS-FatalitiesCauses of fatalities in National Parks, as reported by the National Park Service

Now admittedly, this is a list of all fatalities in the National Parks.  Our list was only for those in the back country--what backpackers should worry about and, more importantly, what they shouldn't worry about.

And so while we think we were pretty accurate in what we wrote, there's one cause of death that still has us worried. 

Watch out for Other.  It's the fourth leading cause of death in the National Parks!