What could possibly go wrong?

posted Aug 19, 2019, 7:39 AM by Paul Wagner
By now you know that we have hiked something more than 2500 miles in the Sierra Nevada and other parts of the West.  We've backpacked for years and years, and we are as experienced a pair as you are likely to find on the trail. 

So what could possibly go wrong? 

Well, on our last trip, just as an example, we had a few misfortunes.  P's toothbrush broke.  It was a source of some amusement to see him trying to brush his teeth holding the stub of the brush with both hands.  And his sunglasses also snapped above the ear.  No worries, we had packed duct tape--except that for some reason P had switched lip balms, and the duct tape was around the old lip balm tube, not the new one. 

That's OK.  We also have adhesive tape in the first aid kit.  In fact, that tape came from P's parents' first aid kit...and let's see...his mom passed away how many years ago?  It was tape, but it wasn't adhesive.  hmm.  Luckily, we still had a few small band-aids, and a couple of them, wrapped around a twig as a splint, fixed the sunglasses at least enough to get him home. 

Just a reminder that it pays to make sure all your gear is newish...and that you've also got a back up!