Watch the weather

posted Nov 11, 2017, 7:45 AM by Paul Wagner
This time of year is beautiful in the Sierra.  There is something about the quality of the light and the coordinator of the autumn leaves that seems to touch your heart.  There are no bugs, the creeks are generally low and easy to cross, and the crowds have disappeared.

All good.

But Sonora Pass has now closed twice for snow, and the nights in the high country are regularly getting down below freezing.  And those nights are a lot longer now, too.

It is great time to get out, but we usually aim for shorter trips and day hikes this time of year.  We don't mind a little snow, but we don't want to have parked our car for the winter at a trailhead.  Yosemite won't let you park overnight on Tioga Road now, just for this reason.

So get out and enjoy the wonderful show...but make sure you check the weather report carefully.  We don't want to read about you in the papers.