Used Gear

posted Sep 13, 2017, 8:03 AM by Paul Wagner
Over the years, we've accumulated a lot of odds and ends of used gear: a few extra backpacks of different sizes, sleeping bags rated to different temperatures, an older version of our tent, some extra pots, pans and dishes, etc.

We didn't realize how much stuff we had until we took our younger daughter and her husband backpacking.  We didn't have to buy anything to provide them with a complete set of all they needed.  (Well, we did have to buy one headnet for mosquitoes, which was not worn and never needed.)

And now we've got those two packs set up for anytime anyone joins us.  We just grab one of the additional packs, add in a sleeping bag, and we're good to go.

And we're already planning our next trip with the kids...if they can stand it. 

Our other daughter isn't quite as much a fan of hiking....but her boyfriend is.