Upon reflection...

posted Nov 24, 2015, 9:12 PM by Paul Wagner
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and continuing our series of favorite photos from the trips we've taken, here are reflections in the placid lakes of the High Sierra:

  Red Peak as the sun goes down.©backpackthesierra.com   The cove near our camp©http://backpackthesierra.com

        Devils' Punchbowl, John Muir Wilderness             Lower Ottoway Lake, Yosemite  

Peskl 9250 upside down.©backpackthesierra.comThe outlet.©http://backpackthesierra.com

            Lyons Lake, Desolation Wilderness                 Robinson Lakes, Yosemite

Gem Lake, Emigrant Wilderness            Cinko Lake, Hoover Wilderness                      
First stop: Wood Lake, an old favorite. We actually heard someone here...but we hadn't seen any people at all for two or three days...©http://backpackthesierra.com    perfect reflection at dawn at Emeric Lake©http://backpackthesierra.com

        Woods Lake, Emigrant Wilderness                        Emeric Lake Yosemite 

The next morning, we're off down the Fernandez trail to Vandeburg Lake©http://backpackthesierra.comHe had lots of time to take photos,...as he never saw a fish. Only pollywogs. ©http://backpackthesierra.com

 Leighton Lake, Emigrant Wilderness                        Iceland Lake, Emigrant Wilderness

  Stella Lake was beautiful! ©http://backpackthesierra.com   Our favorite tree at Altha©http://backpackthesierra.com  
Stella Lake, Hoover Wilderness                       Altha Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness            

And he also caught this shot from the lake shore ©http://backpackthesierra.comAs is the lake ©http://backpackthesierra.com

        Lower Sardine Lake, Hoover Wilderness                    Roosevelt Lake, Yosemite

Sunset  ©http://backpackthesierra.com
         Island Lake, Desolation Wilderness