Trail Bars from Wine Grapes?

posted Apr 29, 2013, 10:40 AM by Paul Wagner
Because we're based in the Napa Valley, things like this catch our attention.  Can you imagine your next hike into the Sierra; your pack full of bars made from wine grape seeds? 
Gena McKahan, a student at Washington State, has a plan.  "The remains of wine grapes picked and pressed typically return to fields as fertilizers, but scientists are also finding ways to recycle those edible remains into healthy foods.

"Take Gena McKahan’s gluten-free, merlot grape-seed flour granola bar, for example. As a food science undergraduate at Washington State University, McKahan was curious how different amounts of merlot grape-seed flour would change a granola bar’s antioxidant content when baked with other ingredients.."

Now let's see...  Would a merlot trail bar go well with a nice bit of turkey jerky, as a kind of backcountry food and wine pairing? 

you can read the whole story here, from Washington State.

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