This just in....

posted May 28, 2014, 9:51 AM by Paul Wagner
The news reports were exciting.  A major new study offers the public new insights into how to avoid mosquitoes and their bites.  We were intrigued.  There is nothing like a swarm of mosquitoes to turn a perfect campsite into the third circle of Hell from Dante's Inferno,  so we could hardly wait for this electrifying news.
It turns out that the best way to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes is to stay indoors, behind screens.  Second best is to wear long sleeves and pants. 
Golly!Yep--it was a buggy trip~! Here we are modelling the latest in designer headwear on the North Fork of the Kings River. But the flowers were stunning, the place was amazing...and thanks to the bugs, we saw a total of 14 people in five days.©
Sometimes you just have to wonder about the news media, and what they must think of the general public. 
At any rate, we have our own solutions for this problem on the trail.  We camp away from large meadows or shallow lakes, because they breed mosquitoes too well.  We prefer a breezy ridge.  We wear DEET when the skeeters are fierce. 
And we bring our own screened porches along with us.  See photo at left.
Yeah, mosquitoes can take the glow off a great day on the trail.  But don't let them keep you out of the mountains. 
Just embrace them as part of the adventure.