The Right Way....

posted Feb 22, 2015, 6:48 AM by Paul Wagner

After yesterday’s post, we did want to share a great place to eat in Bakersfield.  Yes, Bakersfield.  As we drove along highway 178 across town, we noticed a small café:  the 24 St. Café.  It isn’t hard to find.  It’s on 24th St. and Highway 178.  And it is everything that a small café should be:  lively, fresh cooked food, inexpensive, hearty portions, friendly and helpful service.  It is only open for breakfast and lunch, and even on a Wednesday it was pretty full at 12:15.  But they squeezed us in at the counter, gave us our delicious lunch with a smile, provided some welcome driving directions, and had us on our way in less than 45 minutes.  You can’t ask for more than that, and everyone in that restaurant was enjoying the experience, from the customers to the staff.  And yes, the owner was present and paying attention to the customers with a smile.

In Stovepipe Wells we would have been just biting into our (cold) food. And paid double.