Thank You

posted Nov 27, 2019, 4:41 PM by Paul Wagner
Yep--it's the time of year when we all give thanks.  And we've got a short list of those to whom we are particularly grateful:

To the hardworking rangers of our national forests and national parks, who struggle on despite miserable budgets and a clear lack of support from our government in DC.  Without you, we would be so much poorer in so many ways.  And this includes the other staff at our national parks, and our state parks, too!

To our forefathers who had the vision to try to protect those magical places around our country.  We need to do more--we need more places protected--but let's not forget the people who had the idea in the beginning, and made it a reality.

To the many people we've met out on the trail, enjoying the wilderness and sharing their appreciation with their friends and family.  Please keep hiking, camping and getting out in the woods.  In is the single best way we can demonstrate how important our parks are. 

And finally, to those who read this blog and send us notes, comments, and suggestions.  We read them all, and deeply appreciate your feedback and input. 

And here's hoping that all of the above can continue for many years into the future.   Well, except that part about the miserable budgets,  That, we need to fix!