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posted Jan 15, 2013, 8:44 AM by Paul Wagner
You may have detected just a touch of cynicism in yesterday's post about crowd funding adventures.  We applaud people who get out into the wilderness and share their adventures with others.  Heck. we applaud people who get out and don't share.  Asking for money while you do it?  eh.
But here is a guy who really does it right.  Alexius R. Wierbinski has written some nice things about our site, and the respect is certainly mutual.  But Alex does more than just host a website dedicated to hiking from Tahoe to Whitney:
He also gets out there and tries to hike, post, and videotape every section of the trail from Lake Tahoe to ...well, yeah, Mt. Whitney.   And a couple of days ago he posted a two new videos for his viewers, and they are quite amazing.  Take a look:
For the Cold aspect I submit a mid-Winter backpacking experience, my last since 2011:

Winter Disaster 2011

For the Warm sentiment this Winter I offer a bit of Winter Heat:

Death Valley in Winter.
Now, to be fair, Alex does suggest that if you have some money you'd like to send him, he's happy to accept it for the work he's done and services he's offered.  But he mentions that all the way at the bottom of his homepage...after what seems like endless videos, posts, comments, forums, and statements of philosophy.  If you DO get to the end, you will have learned quite a few lessons on the way.