Starting the New Year off right...on the trail

posted Jan 2, 2020, 5:54 PM by Paul Wagner
Since we spent New Year's Eve at our cabin near Sonora, we thought that it might be a good idea to start the year with a nice local hike.  And as we reviewed our options, the trail up to Table Mountain seemed just the ticket.  Besides, we thought, on a day like today we'll probably have the whole place to ourselves.

(We can hear you laughing from here, you know...)

Because yes, the trailhead was packed with cars.  Apparently, everyone in Tuolumne County who wasn't skiing up at Dodge Ridge was hiking this trail.  Which was absolutely OK, because we started a little late (2:30) and met more people coming down the trail than were going up it.  And once we got up on top of Table Mountain, there was room for a multitude and more.  It's huge, and thoroughly
impressive. That's a panorama at the top...

In addition, we got great views of New Melones Reservoir, which looked almost Norwegian from up on the mountain. See the photo at left.  We've already made plans to go back again when we can start earlier and spend more time up on top.  What a great little adventure, and what a perfect way to start the New Year.

(For those interested in hiking this trail:  Take Rawhide Road in Jamestown for about 3.5-4 miles until you can turn left on Shell Road.  Take Shell Road to the closed gate (you can open it and continue by 4WD--but where's the fun in that?)  And start hiking.  There is a vault toilet about a mile in, and from there the trail climbs pretty steeply up to the top of Table Mountain.)