Slowly getting started

posted Jul 23, 2012, 7:22 PM by Paul Wagner
M& P at Tuolumne Pass in Yosemite  ©
It's been a tough year for us out on the trail, and that seems crazy in this warm, dry year.   But every time we plan a hike, something comes up.  We bought a cabin, and we've been spending a lot of time putting it to rights and getting it fixed up the way we want it.  So that has eaten a few weekends. 
And M's aunt has been ill, so we've been careful about spending too much time away from home.  
And P's knee has been giving him all sorts of worries.  It hurts, for one.  And it's swollen, for another.  But he's seen an orthopedist, and it seems as if things have a chance of getting better soon.  He'll get an MRI this week, and that should tell us more. 
In the meantime, we havent' gone backpacking much.  We've certainly done some lovely day hikes, but no sleeping in the bags!
But that's about to change.  Come hell or low water, we're going to get into the mountains soon, and we're going to do it with packs on our backs. Yes, P will be using hiking poles to help his knee.  And yes, we have an itinerary that should allow us to take life easy if we want to.  But we are going to get into the Sierra and see some things we haven't seen before.
And we hope to see you out on the trail as well.