Signs Along the Way

posted Jun 29, 2018, 6:59 AM by Paul Wagner

P loves to collect odd signs as he travels:  everything from unusual uses of English, to apparent contradictions, to just plain not quite clear on the concept.  And there are always as few that just say;  this is different.   Here are a few we found on our last trip through the Southwest:

Trash in ELEVEN different languages.  Just in case people didn't understand the obvious graphics.

And recycling too, although it looks as if "plastic" reads pretty much the same in about six of those languages.

All of this information (zoom in, it is astounding--not just distance and elevation change, but average slope, trail width, average trail width, percentage of the trail that is maximum slope, percentage of the trail that is average slope, cross slope, surface type, stability, etc. etc. etc.!) for a  nature trail from the campground to the museum that is listed at 0.4 miles long.  These are now in every start park in Nevada, as far as we can tell.  Amazing.

Yep.  And we saw bison within a couple of miles of this sign.  So cool.

Just in case you were unclear as to how to use an outhouse.  To be fair, most of this is clearly directed to those of very different cultural backgrounds...

Same here, seen in the showers at Mesa Verde.  Eeeek!

That's some fancy looking cattle you got running on that ranch!  By the way, we saw one of these signs in the middle of a light industrial/residential area near Silver Springs, Nevada.  These cows are so fancy, sometimes they come right into town!

So don't go there. 

This is our favorite of all.  1500 years old.  Who knows what it means?  Who cares?  It's lovely