Rim Fire Photos

posted Apr 5, 2016, 8:56 AM by Paul Wagner
Our recent trip to Preston Falls took us right through the area burned by the massive Rim Fire of 2013.  In fact, this area had been closed to all hiking for a while.  But now it's open, and slowly recovering from the fire damage. 

Along the trail, we were charmed to see some signs erected by "Nerds for Nature" that encouraged us to place our camera in a bracket on side of the sign and take a photo.  We were then asked to send that photo via various social media platforms to their attention, and help them track the recovery of the forest.
We ran into a couple of these---nerds for nature! ©http://ba​ckpackthes​ierra.com

First of all, we love the name Nerds for Nature.  Secondly, we love the idea of using camera phones and social media to monitor the forest.  And third of all, we love the fact that these nerds got out into this area and put the signs up to make this all happen. 

And yes, we took photos.  Now all we have to do is join Twitter, Instagram, or Flicker...hmmm.

Here's the photo, at any rate:


And here's a link to Nerds for Nature: