Practice makes perfect

posted Jun 2, 2016, 9:46 PM by Paul Wagner
We sometimes hear from hikers who have made mistakes.  Serious ones.

We never do that.

Of course, this weekend P packed up all the food for our trip except the lunches which were going in M's pack.  P assumed that she got them, since they were going in her pack.   M assumed P had put them in her pack, since he was in charge of the food planning.   One way or the other, we were both sure they got packed.

The "good" news is that M came down with a nasty virus, and we never went backpacking.  We only discovered this problem when P reminded M to put the salami back in the fridge.  That's when M told P she had never taken it OUT of the fridge, nor had she packed the cheese or crackers. 


Would have made for an interesting hike---lots of oatmeal and freeze dried dinners.  No lunches...

So we started thinking.  We had plenty of energy bars--enough for us each to have one for lunch.  And we had dried fruit aplenty, too.  And GORP. 

By the time we added it all up, we figured that we probably could have managed a three-day trip with the food we'd brought along.  And we would have had a lovely time.  I bet we would have lost some weight, too!