Photos Photos Photos

posted Jun 27, 2016, 6:09 PM by Paul Wagner
We've been getting a lot of photos from some of the people who have written to us about their trips.  Often, they've  started by asking for advice, and then sent us photos of how it all turned out.  So with a quick nod of the head to these wonderful folks, here are some of the photos they've sent us of themselves having a grand old time in the Sierra...and beyond.

More photos from Sara, these photos of her trip to Desolation Wilderness this summer:

And from Tom, these photos of a trip to the Ansel Adams Wilderness;

And these photos from Matt of his family's first trip to Yosemite:

And finally, these lovely photos from Jim of his kids having fun in the woods...

These folks are proof positive you can have a great time in the Sierra....and we hope we see them all out on the trail