Out and About

posted Aug 22, 2012, 8:39 AM by Paul Wagner
Last year we learned about a very sophisticated group of thieves who were subscribing to all the latest environmental newsletters to see who had installed new solar energy systems.  It was basic market research, because within weeks the thieves would then visit the new installation and cart the whole thing away.  Not nice, and happily that group was arrested and put out of business.
But that's the reason that we never announce when and where we are taking our next backpacking trip.  We're happy to tell you all about it once we have returned, but the Internet is just a bit too public a place for us to announce that our house is going to be uninhabited for certain dates.  We've had people ask us the question, and we always demur.
And yeah, we have neighbors who check on things. but even so.  These days you can't be too careful. 
We encourage you to do the same.