On the trail Again

posted Jan 4, 2016, 3:02 PM by Paul Wagner

No, we're not hiking now.  But we wish we were. In fact, we're making plans for where and when we are going to hike this summer:  Yosemite, SEKI, Death Valley...and more.  But we can't do that now, all we can do is plan.

So instead, we are working our way through our photos and pulling out our favorites of one or the other of us on the trail, hiking along. 

©backpackthesierra.com   There were parts of the trail that went through the burned section...but the forest was full of flowers. Quite beautiful.©backpackthesierra.com

   M hiking the PCT near Ebbetts Pass        Hiking up Illilouette Canyon  

  Me admiring hardier specimens.©backpackthesierra.comM at a rest stop...with great trees around us.©http://backpackthesierra.com
        Scoping out the route to Ottoway Lakes                John Muir Wilderness

M stepping along smartly--maybe because she knows she is going to eat soon?©backpackthesierra.com   M, trying out the raincover for her pack...and her rain jacket. There was a lot of fire damage along this trail.©http://backpackthesierra.com

    Groundhog Meadow, Emigrant Wilderness                Hetch-hetchy, Yosemite 


The old man of the mountains.©http://backpackthesierra.comM--being welcomed to Showers Lake©http://backpackthesierra.com

            North Dome, Yosemite                                      Meiss Meadows, Carson Pass

M walking in my footsteps. We've made it across (only knee deep, but FREEZING!) and now we're wandering in the wild meadow. No trail to be seen.©http://backpackthesierra.comM and the granite.©http://backpackthesierra.com

          Hoover Wilderness                                        Cherry Canyon, Emigrant Wilderness           

M in front of granite.©http://backpackthesierra.com   M afraid to look up, for fear it will show that there is more climbing to do!©http://backpackthesierra.com

    Kerrick Canyon, Yosemite                              Louse Canyon, Emigrant  Wilderness


The sun breaking through...snow falling, and steam rising!©http://backpackthesierra.com  Back on solid, or not so solid, snow.©http://backpackthesierra.com

        Hetch-hetchy, Yosemite                                        Mono Creek, John Muir 

   M enjoying the view©http://backpackthesierra.comM easing down on of the ledges...but staying clear of that manzanita, which is impenetrable. ©http://backpackthesierra.com

                          Isberg Pass, Yosemite                                      Lake Vernon, Yosemite

M& P at Tuolumne Pass in Yosemite  ©http://backpackthesierra.comM ready to hit the trail on day five. Six miles, all downhill.©http://backpackthesierra.com

    Tuolumne Pass, Yosemite                                     Clark Lakes, Ansel Adams Wilderness  


M finally gave up and made the smart decision to wade the rest of the way. By this point she discovered her camp/water shoes were no longer attached to her pack.still there  ©http://backpackthesierra.com

            Hyatt Lake, Emigrant Wilderness                         Goethe Lake, Humphrey's Basin  

OK--we're at the top---it's all downhill from here.  We just hope the weather doesn't collapse completely   ©http://backpackthesierra.com

             Mono Pass, John Muir Wilderness