One lump or two?

posted Nov 8, 2016, 11:21 AM by Paul Wagner
Over the past ten years, we've had some serious discussions about socks.  P has always followed the philosophy that two pairs of socks are best.  One nice thick pair of hiking socks cushions your foot and helps the fit of your boot or shoe, and another thin pair that serves as a kind of overall blister prevention, as it fits tightly to your foot, and absorbs any abrasion--saving your skin.  He's used this system his whole life, and it works for him.  

But on the other hand P often bought very inexpensive boots or hiking shoes, and used them up within a single season, often only getting 100 miles out of the pair.

Initially, M was not convinced.  She thinks that she should be able to buy really good boots that fit, and wear only one pair of socks.  And extra socks make her feet warm...something that bothers her on the trail.  So over the years she's experimented with different boots, different socks, and occasionally different applications of moleskin to address blister issues. 

But over the past couple of years we've both changed our positions a bit.  P did buy a nice pair of Merrill's hiking shoes, and he's used them for well over 100 miles with no apparent wear and tear.  And M has finally come round to the idea of two pairs of socks.  She hasn't had a blister since taking that "step."

On the other hand, her feet may still get warm in the summer...but sumer is months away.

For now, two socks. no lumps.