No Stone unturned

posted Nov 26, 2012, 10:33 AM by Paul Wagner
The day after Thanksgiving we headed up the mountains, to stop in at our cabin and do a little work.  We had been hoping that elves would magically appear and finish the stonework in the front of the cabin...but that didn't happen.  So we took on the job ourselves. 
Of course that meant that we had to find more stone, and that meant a trip up beyond Dodge Ridge into the beautiful area below Sonora Pass.  The pass itself was closed, but there was no problem with the road up to Donnell Vista...and we suspect it is probably fine all the way to Kennedy Meadows.
At left is the view of the Dardanelles from Donnell Vista--which is why we stopped there for lunch.
Stonework at the entrance
We found rocks.  We ate lunch.  We saw glorious mountains.  And we got some exercise.  (Lifting rocks at 6,000 feet does get your heart pumping.)
And then we came back to the cabin and put the stones in place.  It's not quite like the CCC work on High Sierra trails, but it does seem to do the job.  And we love the look.  
What a nice way spend the weekend!