New Year's resolutions?

posted Dec 31, 2016, 1:01 PM by Paul Wagner
We're not big on new Year's resolutions, mainly because if we think something is important, then we'll tackle it head-on, and certainly not wait until the first of the year to address it. 

But on the other hand, we do have some things we've always wanted to do...and we're doing some of them in 2017.  For one thing, we'll go hiking in Patagonia.  We've been to the Andes twice in Peru, and loved it both times. This year it's going to be Argentina, at the hiking center of El Chalten. 

P is also looking at retirement full in the face, and that should leave some time for more adventures in the mountains.  He still has a number of conferences and other activities in the summer, but we do hope to get into the Duzy Basin this year, and a few other areas that we have yet to hike.  This year, we just might get to Mineral King...

Meanwhile, we're recovering from too much food over the holidays, and determined to lose some of the weight we've gained during those big meals.  By the time we hit the trail, we'd like to be back in hiking trim.  That's not a resolution exactly, but it's a good idea.