New Links!

posted Aug 1, 2011, 11:12 AM by Paul Wagner
We've heard from some interesting new websites recently that are pretty darn interesting.  What's really nice is that they like what we've done here, and asked us if we would post a link to their sites as well.
We don't take that kind of thing for granted.  In fact, we insist on visiting the site and really checking things out before we link ot any other website.  But these two are both pretty darn cool.
So if you visit our links page, (you can find that at the bottom of the navigation bar at left) you'll find a couple of new entries there:  --this one is full of great information about....yep--fly fishing in the high sierra!  What fun!  a wonderful personal approach to Yosemite by someone who was born there--son of a park naturalist!
We hope that you enjoy exploring them...and what they offer to those of us who love the Sierra Nevada!