Napa Earthquake hits close to home

posted Aug 25, 2014, 11:43 AM by Paul Wagner
By now you will know that we live in Napa.  And while we were backpacking up the Green Creek trailhead in the Hoover Wilderness this past weekend, our home was having a different kind of adventure.  

We got a phone call from a friend at 6:30 on Sunday morning asking us how we were.  We were fine.  We were sleeping nicely in our cabin up by Sonora.  And then we got the news.  So we packed up quickly and headed back home.  

It wasn't a pretty picture.  

So we had a different kind of homecoming from what we initially had planned.  It took most of the evening just to get a pathway through the destruction in the whole house...and clear the kitchen,  bathroom, and bedroom so that we could use them.  The rest will have to wait 

The office is open today, and we are cleaning up a few broken bottles of wine, putting bookshelves back, and generally tidying this up.  Our computers are working, our internet connection is fine, and we are open for business. All good. 


Some of our staff were hit harder than others.  The worst seems to be downtown near the office, where our house had severe damage to the plaster walls, and everything ended up on the floor.  The kitchen was a particular mess, with broken wine glasses and food on the floor.  And the wine cellar lost some very nice bottles….very sad. 


But we are all fine, healthy. Schools in Napa are closed today, as are many businesses, but we are all cleaning up, putting things back, and getting our lives into order again. 


Here’s a link to the photos from my house, if you are interested: