More nice people...

posted Dec 19, 2014, 1:40 PM by Paul Wagner
Marksor, a moderator who volunteers his time to support High Sierra Topix, posted this response to our nice list.  And it was nice enough that we'd like to reprint it here.  It's a good example of the kind of contributions that are made on that site on a regular basis...Here's the link to the main page:

Having spent most of my last summers out backpacking - somewhere between Mammoth and Yosemite Valley, I am thankful to many who have made my summers amazing.Specifically to mention a few individuals that stand out...

My Nice list

Aline, who runs the Yosemite Art Center in the Valley. She lets me store my watercolors there all summer long, May to October...(hard to backpack with an easel and full palette.) Additionally, she holds my backpack safe when out painting plein air with the world-class instructors that teach daily classes. What an amazing woman and friend.

Parson's Lodge Summer seminars - A continuing series of scientists, poets, and musicians, all gathering in an old stone Sierra palace.

The YARTS bus drivers who go out of their way to drop you off anywhere on route.

Dave, the head Valley bear Ranger...Valley backpacker camp. Artist, fisherman, and sarcastic POS - my kind of friend.

Jen and Greg - head Tuolumne Wilderness permit lectures, no marks on my permits, always a smile...lots of mutual respect shown.

Harry, (pith helmet cashier) - Tuolumne Store...Come to think about it, all the Tuolumne Store denizens.

Degnans Deli usual pre-art Valley breakfast... a morning paper in the shadow of Yosemite Falls...opens early, a quiet spot before the Valley wakes.

All those who stopped to pick up an old-fart hitch-hiking with a backpack.Mike, my hiking partner...but I cannot think of why.