More News from our Readers--and an Invitation!

posted Mar 11, 2011, 9:23 AM by Paul Wagner   [ updated Mar 12, 2011, 8:32 AM ]
We always love to hear about other trips into the Sierra, and JD wrote us about an ambitious trip for later this summer. 
"I am taking 10 days to go to Tehipite Valley in May (like the 14th to the 24st); alone as it stands and open to anyone interested.  I want to get on top of Tehipite Dome.  I know it will be snowy going over the pass, but once over the rim into the Crown drainage, it’ll be sweet.

Then on Aug 5, I’m starting 34 days for adventure.  I want to go to the Ionian Basin, and over Shepherd Pass; or maybe some weird version of the High Sierra Route…  Anyway I have all that time to roam, and I’m alone, and open to suggestions or modifications (but not excluding Ionian Basin) if anyone’s interested or motivated.


That trip to Tehipite Valley is a good one--it's supposed to be a lot like Yosemite or Hetch-hetchy before they got "man" handled.  It's a long way in and out, but the rewards are true isolation and wilderness. Anyone interested in joining him?  We'd be happy connect you. 

And we're looking at Lamark Col ourselves for a five to seven day trip later this summer, but JD's plans are considerably more ambitions.  We are looking forward to hearing his stories and seeing his photos when he gets back!