More Eating Well--on the road

posted Aug 3, 2013, 4:55 PM by Paul Wagner

Now that we have a small cabin up above Sonora, we’re getting to know that area a little better.  And we can make a few recommendations for food stops along the way.  The best burgers we’ve found on the way to the cabin are at Hula Burgers in Escalon.  Good, honest hamburgers, and you can order a beer if you want one. 

We also like Cocina Michoacan in Groveland for good homemade Mexican food,  Just be prepared to eat a lot when you go there—the portions are large.  Then again, that’s usually not a problem for us, as we are stopping in there after a trip to the backcountry, and our appetites are as big as all outdoors.

In the same area, the little café at the top of Priest Grade is worth a stop.  Honest food, well-made, including the yummy pies.  Nice people, too.

And you can’t beat the Twain Harte Market for good food supplies.  This is a classy supermarket in a small town—great fresh produce, freshly-made sushi every day, a wonderful cheese selection, and nice wines and beers, too.  It’s become our favorite market anywhere.  Better than Whole Foods, with better prices, too.

If you are in Sonora itself, take Parrot’s Ferry Road towards Columbia, and eat at Patty’s Shack.  This is really good down-home cooking, with friendly service and a good and inexpensive wine list.  You won’t find Duck a l’Orange here, but you will find yummy meatloaf, waffles, and other delights cooked by someone who knows what good cooking tastes  like.