Missing the action

posted Jun 16, 2013, 11:03 AM by Paul Wagner
Yes., it's Father's Day, and we were planning on spending this weekend up in Desolation Wilderness, exploring a few new lakes and enduring this season's explosion of mosquitoes.
But P has been spending way too much time on airplanes this year...and the result was that he came down with a bad case of congestion, coughing, fever, etc.
So instead of a few days in the high clear air of the High Sierra, we are spending a few days at home, hoping that the next few days bring him back to health. 
And yeah,we considered going up there anyway---but when he couldn't even spend a morning out of bed, we decided that maybe even only five miles on the trail would be too much.
We'll just have to make more time for more trips later in the summer!