Making plans

posted Feb 3, 2012, 3:28 PM by Paul Wagner
Only a part of the mess an avalanche made.  The trail leads through there somewhere....but we stopped here.   After all, we were on vacation!
Yes, we're still in the middle of winter, but that hasn't kept us from thinking about the trips we'd like to take this summer.  And we've even got a few ideas for this spring.
But spring hiking is always an adventure.  The weather can be crazy, and we usually get out on the trails well before the trail crews do.  That means lots of downed trees and obstacles to negotiate.   In fact, last year there was so much snow that we had some of those problems on our trip over Fourth of July weekend! 
At one point we just decided that we weren't going to fight our way through another huge section of avalanche damage.   You can see some of the worst of it in the photo at right...about 200 yards of dead trees that covered up any semblance of a trail... and on one side was a steep icy slope of snow, and the other was massive blocks of talus.
But that didn't keep us from having a pretty good time on the trip, and seeing some awfully beautiful country.  And we caught some nice fish. 
Let's see.  Where is that map again?