Lassen Volcanic National Park

posted Jul 2, 2012, 1:48 PM by Paul Wagner
This park is a favorite of ours, and we spent many a summer vacation here with the kids when we were car camping.  We went back this last weekend with our company, so that everyone could enjoy this great park. 
And we did enjoy it!
Major hikes included the trail up Manzanita Creek on the first evening...a wonderful seven miles up towards Lassen Peak and a series of meadows, and with views of Chaos Crags, Lassen Peak, and Loomis. That's Loomis Peak below right. Part of Loomis Peak, above the first meadow
And the next day we were the first hikers of the season to hike into Bumpass Hell--always a memorable hike.  Here's an overview of the gelthermal activity.
And one of our team decided to hike back to her we took advantage to hike down to Crumbaugh Lake and Mill Creek Falls, and through-hike to the Southern Entrance station...
Thanks to a very cooperative co-worker, we were able to through hike all the way to the southern entrance station, via Crumbaugh Lake, Cold Boiling, Lake, Conard Meadows, and Mill Creek Falls.  That's a total of about 8 miles of great hiking and wonderful views.  Click on these photos to see the whole hike log on Picasa.  Crumbaugh Lake, below, was a stunning blue jewel when seen from the trail high on the ridge above it. More shots of Crumbauch
The flowers were out, the streams were gushing, and we were delighted.
Clouds of flowers
We also ate some pretty great food...note the Paella here--our first night's dinner
And for dessert we entertained the marshmallow gang!
After dinner, the marshmallow crew took over