It's Skeeter City!

posted Aug 9, 2011, 2:25 PM by Paul Wagner
Yep--it was a buggy trip~! Here we are modelling the latest in designer headwear on the North Fork of the Kings River.  But the flowers were stunning, the place was amazing...and thanks to the bugs, we saw a total of 14 people in five days.
We just had a great conversation with a friend of ours who hiked up out of Leavitt Meadows into what we think of as the "girls' names Lakes:"  Dorothy, Bonnie, Harriett, Cora, Stella, Ruth, Helen, and the rest.  He said that the trip was wonderful, the fishing was amazing, and the mosquitoes were so bad that they sometimes just ran for cover---only there wasn't any cover!
They used head nets, bug dope, long-sleeved shirts, candles... and were still surrounded by clouds of mosquitoes, sometimes so bad that they were inhaling them into their mouths.
We know what that's like, and it's not fun.  But every region and every year is different.  One year we discovered that if we went up another 1000 feet in elevation, the skeeters disappeared, and so we changed our route to higher ground.
How bad are they?  We'll let you know, as we are about to head up into Tuolumne Meadows for a few days and will be able to give you a full report.
If the skeeters don't get us first!