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posted Nov 9, 2011, 8:17 AM by Paul Wagner
Over the past few years we've been contacted by some great people who are also blogging about their adventures in the Sierra Nevada.  When we really liked their stuff, we put a link on our links page so that you can enjoy it, too.
So in the last few days we got two great notes from fellow backpacking fans:
One is from Julie, who works at a non-profit that is dedicated to protecting the Sierra. here is her note, and the link to her blog:
...thought I would share with you the blogs I wrote on a "solo" (had my furry friend accompany me) trip I did this summer in the Emigrant.  http://www.cserc.org/blog/ . Scroll down to the series "Backpacking the east side of the Emigrant" if you are so inclined :)
While you are at it, you might want to check out what CSERC does.  Good work.
And our old friend Alex spent some time in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness as part of his Tahoe-to-Whitney website. That's area we love, and it doesn't get the traffic of many other areas.  Here is his link: 

Unable to miss the whole hiking season due to injury, I just completed a nice 51 mile loop iin the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness using the TYT heading South, and returning North via the PCT.

I wrote about this trip and the many fine PCT-TYT loops that you can carve out of the Carson-Iceberg in a Trip Report. If you have not explored this Wilderness in depth, now is the time to start thinking about next year's hiking. The Carson-Iceberg deserves your attention. 

It does indeed, as do these websites! Just what we need as winter closes in and the backpacking season goes on hiatus for a few months...