How Much Trash?

posted Aug 4, 2014, 11:37 AM by Paul Wagner

Our last post generated some interest in what kinds of trash we find in the back country.  The answer is all kinds.  We’ve found an old fleece jacket, lots of those mylar balloons, and plenty of lousy bits of food packaging.  The worst is used toilet paper, from those who are really unclear about what you are supposed to do to LEAVE NO TRACE.            

And on this last trip, a first for us:  a nicely made sticker celebrating the 50th anniversary of the wilderness act.  Yep---left at a campsite miles from a trailhead. 

We usually pick up the trash we find (TP excepted) and deposit it in a trash can at the trailhead or at home. A few things, like our cookpot, we add to our packs and use as an ultimate version of re-cycling. 

With that in mind, we put that wilderness sticker on one of our bearvaults. 

Looks good