Holiday Wish List

posted Dec 7, 2015, 9:03 AM by Paul Wagner
M hiking up the last stretch to the pass above the meadow, with Castle Peak in the background.©
This time of year brings back memories of life as a small child, hoping against hope that we would get the gift or gifts that we really, really desperately wanted.  We were sure those gifts would make us happier than we'd ever been. 

Of course, P remembers one year that he received a football for Christmas...and by noon on Christmas Day it was flat, thanks to an overly aggressive rosebush. Ah well.

These days, we're less convinced that gifts can make us happy.  But there are always a few things that would make life easier.

What would make us happy is to have more time to spend on the trail and in the mountains.

  Maybe we should ask Santa for that...