Group Camping

posted Dec 20, 2009, 8:32 AM by Paul Wagner
Every summer we have a grand tradition--we invite our whole company ( about 15 employees ) to go camping together up in the Sierra.  It's a great chance for us all to relax and have fun with each other, and includes children, spouses, significant others, parents, friends, exchange students and all of rabbits friends and relations.
And it's a team building exercise.  We break into teams, and each team is responsible for one night's dinner and clean up.  That way everybody gets to have a couple of days of real vacation, and the food (and wine) is usually just spectacular.  During the day we do hikes, go year it was so hot that a group of the younger people all went into town to watch a movie--the theater being airconditioned!  
The challenge, of course, is finding a site that makes everyone happy.  We've tried the coast, and found it dripping with fog and morning dew.  We tried national parks, state parks, national forest sites, and private parks.  And we are always ready to try something new.  The most popular destinations have been Lassen Volcanic, Yosemite, and Lakes Basin in the Gold Lakes area.
So this year we've arranged for Calaveras Big Trees.  Great hiking up by Ebbetts Pass, and some nice walks for the smaller kids in the park itself.  Plus there is a river.  And if it really gets hot, there must be a movie theater in Angels Camp!