Google strikes again

posted Sep 17, 2013, 8:32 AM by Paul Wagner
If you've read our comment page, you know that we have some issues with the way Google manages its sites--particularly in the area of allowing you to make comments on our blog.  You can't do it, despite the fact that Google seems to offer this option.  It just doesn't work.   The web has some innovative and very complicated suggestions for fixes...and they don't seem to work for us either.
Well, they've done it again.  We load all our photos here from Picasa, where we keep our trip logs and photo files.  A few years ago, Picasa started automatically adjusting every photo, whether in vertical or horizontal format, to load it onto Picasa. 
In the last few weeks, it's become clear that when we link to those photos, all the portrait format photos are now distorted.  So we've spent the last few hours going through the website and re-loading any photo that was in portrait format, and adjusting it so it looks right on the website.
Now all we have to do is go through our thousands of photos on Picasa and do the same.
Sigh.   Gotta love the big boys.