Google Sites are free....but!

posted Apr 12, 2011, 3:43 PM by Paul Wagner
We've been surprised over the life of this site that nobody ever entered a comment about one of th pages.  And we thought we had been pretty encouraging about that.  Well, it turns out there is more to the story.
Until some of you wonderful readers pointed it out,  we were under the impression that we DID have the option of leaving comments on just about every page.  That's what Google sites shows us when we look at our pages.  But we don't.  Why?  Well...
It's clear that this is a pretty big issue among Google site owners.  The "comments" icon appears to the website host....but does not appear to anyone else.  So the very people who might want to make a comment can't see that option. 
Sounds dumb, huh?  It is.
And there are a few very complicated suggested fixes....none of which worked for us.  Grrrr. 
            So with all that in mind, we'll make you a deal!  If you want to send us emails that include your comments--you can reach us through the "contact us" page at the bottom of the menu at left--we will post them on the "comments" page on our site. It ain't a perfect solution, but it will work!)
Here's the link to send us a note: