Good Eats in Tracy? Yes!

posted Aug 23, 2017, 7:59 AM by Paul Wagner
On our way home to Napa from the Sierra this weekend, we drove through Tracy about lunchtime, and we optimistic enough to think that we could find a good place to eat there that wouldn't be too far from the highway.


Mazaa Kabob House is really good.  Tasty food (the checken kabobs were perfectly cooked, and delightfully spiced) and friendly service which included the owner coming over to our table to make sure that we were enjoying everything.  The tab came to less than $40, and that included enough food for us to take a box home and have dinner two night later.  And we were in an out in well less than an hour.  For a stop on the road, that's as good as it gets!

What a treat.  And now we feel a lot better about sometimes having to drive through Tracy on the way to backpacking in the Sierra....

Here's a link to their website: