Giving Black Friday a good name

posted Nov 24, 2016, 10:02 PM by Paul Wagner
A few retailers, including REI, are now taking the position that Black Friday should be a day to get out into the wilderness (or at least the fresh air) instead of spending it (quite literally) shopping and shopping and shopping. 

Good advice, from our point of view.  As we get older, we treasure our free time even more, and we never feel that we get enough time outdoors.  Of course, part of that may be that we don't have enough so many ways.

Meanwhile, we focus on material things less than we did when we were younger and had, understandably, fewer material things to treasure. 

We have enough stuff.  We are lucky to have enough money.  And we wish we had more time. 

Time to make the most of it, by getting outdoors as often as we can!