Getting out is better than staying in...

posted Sep 16, 2013, 2:19 PM by Paul Wagner
This past weekend we were at our cabin, and we even had plans for another backpacking trip.  But life, as they say, intervened.  No worries.  We decided to take a quick day-hike from our cabin to the top of the Mt. Elizabeth fire lookout in the Stanislaus National Forest.
We expect an easy stroll on dirt roads to the top, but P had printed out a few maps to follow, and they turned out to be...somewhat illusory?  In actual fact, almost no relationship to what we saw on the ground.  We eventually had to navigate by compass and eyeball to get to the summit.

The good news?  We found our way to the top.  Proof provided in the attached photo.  And we had quite an adventure following the roads and trails.  More proof in the other photo.  That's M climbing up a steep slope using both hands and feet.  Class III, as they say. 
On the other hand, the tower itself was closed, because apparently it was being used by someone to watch for additional damage by the Rim Fire.  Ooops.
Best of all, we had a great time.  And instead of hiking to the top of the mountain and having a picnic up there....somehow we ended up back in our own yard, having a picnic on our picnic table at the cabin. 
Lovely day.