For you, a special price!

posted Jul 12, 2019, 5:14 PM by Paul Wagner

So I am buying a bunch of energy bars for our summer backpacking trips, and I stop in at a local grocery to see what they have. One flavor of Kind bars is on sale for $0.93 apiece. Cool. I grab an unopened box of twelve and head to the register.

The cashier calmly rings them up for $12 for 12 bars.

I point out that the bars are on special and cost $0.93 apiece.

She replies, and I quote here:  "Yes, but you bought a whole box.  The boxes are $12."

I ask her if she wanted me to take all of them out of the box, so she could ring them up at $0.93 apiece.

"You can't open the box.  The box is $12."

I start to laugh out loud, as the does the nice lady in line behind me.  At this point the manager comes by and tries to get involved.  He opens he box, and scans he bar code on one of the bars.  "They're $0.93 apiece," he says to  the cashier. 

She fixes me with a death stare and pointedly deletes the $12 charge and then slowly rings up all twelve bars individually for $0.93 apiece.

By this time the kid at the end of the checkout line has put my bars in a paper bag. 

I explain that I don't need a bag, and that I had brought my own bag anyway.  (This is California, we charge for bags and encourage recycling.)

The cashier says in a loud and not particularly friendly voice that she is not charging me for the bag. 

At this point I figure I am better off just taking the bag and leaving.  But I once I'm in the car, I'm tempted to go back in and by another box...