Fixing a hole, where the rain might get in...

posted Feb 1, 2020, 11:08 AM by Paul Wagner
In the last post I wrote about doing some trail crew work in the Sierra foothills this week.  We were repaired erosion damage and burning up piles and piles of brush and dead wood left over from the massive Ferguson Fire of two years ago.  It was a lot of work, and we got at least some of it done. 

But while we were burning off those piles of brush, the sparks were occasionally flying, and one ember managed to land right on the ridge of our favorite Tarptent.  Nuts.  Or words to that effect.

So today, on a Saturday, I went on-line to Henry Shires' Tarptent website to get some advice on how to fix the problem.  There was a phone number to call, and an email system as well. But as I debated which to use, a chat window opened and someone named Henry offered to help me. 

Yep.  Henry Shires, the CEO of the company, was there on a Saturday morning manning the help line. 

And the problem was quickly resolved.  He's going to send me a little kit to fix the small hole...and in the meantime, gave me some advice on the tent as well.  That is customer service as I dream it to be.

Oh yeah...and if you needed one more reason not to have a campfire in the Sierra...or at least to keep your campfire tiny, this is it.

Happily, we were burning downed wood that was so wet from condensation that we had to use an accelerant to get those fires started.  So fire danger was somewhere between low and non-existent.  But it won't be that way in the summer when you are backpacking...