Firefall Permits

posted Feb 5, 2018, 7:05 AM by Paul Wagner
You have probably seen photos of the famous Firefall in Yosemite.  No, it's not the one we remember from when we were kids, when the rangers would build a massive bonfire on Glacier Point and then rake the coals over the edge and down into the valley each night for a spectacular show.  (For those of you who are younger, yes they really did this!)

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On the left is the new firefall,.  On the right is a version of the old one.

No, this is Horsetail Falls near El Capitan which turn a deep orange right at sunset if conditions are perfect for a few days in February.  It's become such a major tourist attraction that last year the valley was inundated by cars and tourists hoping to get that "once in a lifetime shot" of something that happens every year, more or less,.

So now there is a reservation system for parking anywhere near the best spots to take this photo, with a limit of 250 people per day.  It's just another example of how Yosemite is in a constant struggle to save itself from being loved to death. 

And we wish it well in doing so...