Faux Paw

posted Apr 5, 2014, 6:17 PM by Paul Wagner
Well, yes.  For those of you who might still be wondering, the story about Big Walter and the bear can was posted just in time for April Fools, and we hope it gave you a chuckle. 
We also had it posted on some of the more serious backpacking sites around the web, and got lots of response there, too.  And while many of our friends on those sites got a chuckle out of the story as well...at least one site took the whole thing a bit more seriously.  The members there volunteered all sorts of ideas that would have solved the problem for our pair of hikers.  Others suggested a different kind of bear can to avoid this problem. 
All quite serious suggestions--which gave us a pretty good chuckle, too!
Hope you are getting out the trail.  Our own plans are on hold for a bit for work reasons, but we hope to get in a trip sometime in the next month.  The mountains are calling...