Cancellation policy

posted May 25, 2016, 8:43 AM by Paul Wagner
We were so pleased with ourselves.  We had remembered to act early and reserve exactly the wilderness permit we wanted, for Rafferty Creek in the middle of June, to get up into the upper reaches of the Merced Canyon early in the season.  And we got it. 

And then fate intervened.  P was invited to speak at the Smithsonian about a topic near and dear to his heart...and that's an invitation he can't pass up, even at the risk of losing our permit for Yosemite. 

So yesterday he called the Yosemite Wilderness office and explained the situation.  And he was delighted to learn that he can apply the charges he paid for the cancelled permit towards any other wilderness permit in Yosemite this year. 

No, we won't have time to get into the Upper Merced this year.  But we will take a trip in Yosemite sometime later in the season.  And we've already got our permit paid for!