Camp style

posted Jun 8, 2010, 9:46 PM by Paul Wagner
For the past twenty-five years or so, we've used a pair of red plastic cups when we go camping.  They aren't particularly attractive, and the have a few ridges and creases that are a bit hard to clean.  So for a couple of years now, we've been looking for something just a bit better.  It's not a big upgrade, and not a top priority, but it's been in the back of our minds. 
And last summer, in the Tuolumne Meadows store, we found a new set of cups.  They're a nice sort of green color, with very clean styling and the same closed loop handle that allows them to clip onto the carabiners on the back of our packs.  They weren't expensive, and we didn't think long before buying them.  Problem solved.
We've used these cups now for the last few trips, and they work just fine.  They're just a bit easier to clean, and there is simply nothing wrong with them. 
But last week, when we went for a trip with P's brother, we loaned him one of our old red cups.  And we couldn't help but notice how jaunty it looked on the back of his pack.  There is something just a little sporty about that red color, and we missed it. 
So after a very short discussion, we've decided that we'll keep the green cups for visitors and guests.  The red one will go where they belong, on the back of our packs, looking perky and stylish.  In a backpacking kind of way.