Campsites we've loved

posted Nov 18, 2015, 5:30 PM by Paul Wagner

Our tidy little camp.  A bad view of M. sorry.   ©
Since we can't get away from work over the next few weeks, we're posting a few photos of our favorite places in the Sierra, including this post of campsites we've used.  The one above is near Island Lake in the Desolation Wilderness...and the weather we so lovely we slept out under the stars.

Here are a few more

Our campsite in the evening   ©  

 Golden Trout Lake in Humphrey's Basin    
Our tent at dinner time. ©
              Roosevelt Lake in Yosemite                           
    P setting up the tent. ©  
        Ten Lakes Basin in Yosemite

Our campsite in the early morning light. ©

     Lower Sardine Lake, Hoover Wilderness 


Our camp from the lake.©
            Rescue Lake, Yosemite

This was the spot.©

          Altha Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Back at camp, we sat and admired the view.©

            Karls Lake, Emigrant Wilderness 

  Relaxing in camp©

                      Smedberg Lake, Yosemite 

  We camped under towering pines.©
                Jennie Lake, SEKI

And here is why I asked her to bring me the camera. Looking east from my fishing spot.©

Woods Lake. Emigrant Wilderness 

  early morning at the camp©

            Bear Lake, Emigrant Wilderness

  Our camp---and a few shots of the tent I designed and made. It weighs a little over three pounds, and is both water and insect proof!©
            Boundary Lake, Yosemite

And her shadow on the rock next to the lake.©

            Devil's Punchbowl, John Muir Wilderness  

  Which is here, looking like an ad for Eureka.©

          Sword Lake, Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

  Note frost on the grass...and on our noses.©

         Long Meadow, Hoover Wilderness