Bear Boxes

posted Sep 16, 2016, 6:27 AM by Paul Wagner



On topic of conversation we had in SEKI with Ranger Cindy was the use of bear boxes in the remote backcountry of the park.  We were wondering how they got those heavy steel bear boxes into the wilderness areas of the park.  And while a few of the newer ones disassemble for transport, Cindy told us that most of them were flown in by helicopter.  

They are installed in areas of heavy use, where backpackers might be tempted to leave food around.  

Since we carry our food in Bearvaults at all times now, we barely (!) used the bear boxes in SEKI at all.  In the upper Cloud Canyon there were none.  But the one in Comanche Meadows made a perfect bench for our lunch stop--shady, flat, and just right for both sitting and spreading out our picnic.