Backpacker Magazine

posted Dec 9, 2014, 10:03 AM by Paul Wagner
A few weeks ago we got an email from Backpacker magazine, asking us for "local tips" on where people might go hiking in the Emigrant Wilderness.  We were flattered, and even if we hadn't been, we would still have given them free advice.  After all, it's what we do on this site!

So it was fun to see our recommendation appear in the latter pages of the new issue of Backpacker.  Of course, it was edited down to fit a small space, but still. 

We buy this magazine in airport news stands--despite the focus on danger (WAYYY too many bear stories!) and fear-mongering about deadly trails and desperate situations.  It also has some good tips on basic techniques, and lots of suggestions of where to hike the next time you hit the trail, whether that be in Maine or Arizona. 

And this month, one of those tips is the Emigrant Wilderness...

Here's a link to their website: